Winstrol Oral (Stanozolol) 10


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)
Package: 10mg (100 pills)



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Stanozolol Winstrol Oral 10 Description and Effect

Winstrol Oral 10 mg (among the athletes often referred to as the camp) was developed in 1962. At that time, he was given the name Winstrol (now the so-called only injection form of the drug).

Like many other steroids, stanozolol was originally developed for medical purposes, namely the treatment of anemia, it was also used to speed up recovery after operations and for veterinary purposes, because the drug excellently increases the appetite and grows lean muscle mass, it began to enjoy huge demand among athletes and athletes. bodybuilders.

This steroid can be ranked as more elite than methane, for example, because it has almost no aromatization and does not retain water in the muscles. He gives explosive strength when doing exercises, which is very good for running on 100 meters, or training in the gym. In bodybuilding they are most often used by athletes of the middle and professional level, because it makes sense to take it if the athlete initially has gained body weight, it is here that he will show himself fully, give the body dryness, improve pumping during training.

Its only drawback, which is probably worth mentioning, is that it dries the joints, you may think this is a trifle, but believe me, over time you will increasingly listen to your body and such discomfort as pain in the joints should be avoided initially. More experienced athletes avoid this disadvantage by combining a course of stanozolol with other drugs that lubricate the joints well, with testosterone propionate, methane and deck.

For women, this drug is not recommended because it leads to virilization at high doses.

For maximum results from stanozolol, you should stick to a protein-rich diet and cut carbohydrates in the right ratio (you can find more detailed nutrition information on our forum) in order for your muscles to get a drawing. Oral form of stanozolol is found in the blood for 3 weeks after the end of the course.

Stanozolol how to take a course Winstrol Oral 10 mg instruction

When making a course of anabolic steroids with stanozolol, it is worth considering your health condition, if you have previously noticed pain in the joints or were injuries of the musculoskeletal system associated with articular cartilage, then you need to add stanozolol with other anabolic steroids that will lubricate the joints. The most common use of stanozolol is a course of 6 – 8 weeks, and the effect of stanozolol begins almost instantly, and lasts for 8 hours. In oral form, we recommend dividing the drug intake into 2 – 3 doses (put the tablets under the tongue and dissolve until completely dissolved). It will be very appropriate to receive one of the dosages right 20-30 minutes before the training itself.

Winstrol Oral is often used both on the courses of anabolic steroids and after them, to consolidate the results, which were gained by overwork. Stanozolol has properties you need to know about, it expels water from the body and burns the fat layer, while giving a short-term jerk in power indicators, you can make fast runs of 100 meters, or high-speed swims in the pool.

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