Dianabol 20


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)
Package: 20mg (100 pills)



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Dianabol 20 mg in bodybuilding: the principle of admission, the recommendations of instructors

Dianabol 20mg (methandienone) is an effective, safe anabolic steroid that helps you quickly build muscle, speed up protein synthesis and significantly increase the physical performance of an athlete. The drug is legal and allowed in the free market.

Today, the means of sports pharmacology is no less popular than in the distant 60s of the last century. Weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders, bodybuilders around the world choose Danabol, because the tool has an affordable price and a pronounced anabolic effect.

Recommended Dianabol 20 for beginners

Dianabol 20 mg has a tablet form. Take it preferably before eating food. If the nutrition of the bone tissue is disturbed, physical exhaustion is noted, there is no appetite, or growth hormone levels are below the established standards, the doctor may prescribe Dianabol 20. The instruction provides for the use of a pharmacological agent in bodybuilding to build lean muscle mass. The drug is safe if the athlete does not exceed the recommended dosage and does not abuse the duration of treatment. The dosage and principle of application is selected depending on the characteristics of the organism, weight, height, age, the presence of pathological diseases. Tips for using Dianabol 20:

  • if your weight does not exceed 60 kg, you can take 20 MG of methane per day;
  • the drug is recommended to be taken with a slow increase in dose, then with a gradual decrease in dosage;
  • irrespective of weight, it is better to drink the first days on 20 MG of Dianabol 20, if the state of health is excellent – the dose can be increased;
  • “slides” reception is practiced: after 5 days of taking Danabol – the day is skipped;
  • women can take an anabolic steroid, but not exceeding the minimum dose – 5 MG per day;
  • for the first course, 100 tablets are enough for a beginner, which, on average, is enough for a small anabolic course;
  • to maintain the liver and outflow of bile on the course, you can take holosas.

Even at the minimum rate, you can increase the amount of muscle mass up to 5-7 kg, and increase strength up to 25%. It should be borne in mind that, depending on the state of the athlete’s body, it is possible to increase the dose of Dianabol 20, which ultimately will improve the results obtained upon completion of the course.

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