Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Weight Loss
Substance: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride (Clen), Liothyronine (T3), Yohimbine
Package: 100 pills

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CY3 Dragon Pharma steroid for sale in

Clenbuterol, appeared in the arsenal of bodybuilders, relatively recently, but very quickly became loved by both athletes and ordinary people who use clenbuterol for weight loss.

Liothyronine – is a pharmacological fat burner used in the sports practice of fitness and bodybuilding for the intense burning of fat deposits.

If you are increasingly in the gym thinking about fast and safe burning of subcutaneous fat, while not particularly exhausting yourself with different overseas diets, you should pay attention to Yohimbin. It is a plant alkaloid derived from the bark of the African tree Yohimbe. Quite a natural product, often used as part of a combined fat burner from leading manufacturers of sports nutrition.

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