Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Category: Hormones & Peptides
Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
Package: 10 vials (10IU vial)


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Soma-Max Maxtreme is a type of steril, an instant composition of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (HGH) with a content of 191 amino acids, obtained from the development of E. coli identical to the natural growth hormone in the residual amino acid and three-dimensional structure. Soma-Max Maxtreme is indicated in the absence of growth due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and Turner syndrome, as well as renal failure. Soma-Max can be used to treat wounds during surgery or a burn. It has a positive effect on the preservation of human age determination. Our manufacturing plants for Soma-Max are GMP certified with sFDA.


White permeable instant powder


Soma-Max acts on endogenous human growth hormone. It stimulates the growth and differentiation of the epiphyse chondrocyte, the growth of cartilage base cells, the growth and differentiation of the osteoblast; accelerates the growth rate of cushioning material and improves the width of the epiphysis. Soma-Max can accelerate protein synthesis throughout the body; change the equilibrium state of Rh-negative nitrogen caused by injury or surgery; correct hypoproteinemia due to infection or cirrhosis of the liver; stimulate the synthesis of immune globin and the growth of lymphoid formation, macrophage and lymphocyte; increase the ability to resist infections; stimulate the growth of collagenocytes, fibroblasts and macrophages in places of burns and surgery, accelerate wound healing; accelerate cardiocyte synthesis, improve cardiac contractility and reduce the consumption of cardiac medical oxygen; regulate fat metabolism; inhibit serum cholesterol and reduce protein density; to compensate for the lack or absence of growth hormone, regulate fat metabolism, osteometabolism, heart function and kidney function in adults.

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