Fliban 100


Manufacturer: Indian Brand
Category: Sexual Health
Substance: Flibanserin
Package: 100mg (4 pills)



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Generic Fliban 100 (Flibanserin 100 mg)

Fliban 100 is a high-quality, wide-range drug with a complex therapeutic effect. The drug is not a sexually infectious agent. This generic drug is designed to treat various depressive disorders (including reduced sexual desire and mood), frigidity of various origins (inability to get sexual pleasure and relaxation).

Attention! The drug belongs to the mild antidepressants. The tool improves mood and levels the psychoemotional background. Thanks to the stabilization of the nervous system, it becomes possible to harmonize intimate relationships. Reduced sexual desire, anorgasamia / frigidity is often treated by doctors with the help of modern antidepressants. Therefore, the Shop Mr. Joy advises women with sexual coldness to pay attention to this drug.

Indications for use

List of indications:

  • Anorgasmia (lack of orgasm).
  • Too weak orgasm.
  • Decreased libido (sexual desire).
  • Lack of vaginal lubrication due to lack of sexual arousal.
  • Pain during frictions.
  • Sexual dysfunction of different origin.

Often, a woman before premenopause, during menopause and after it suffers from problems in sexual and everyday life. Decreased mood and libido lowers the quality of life in general. During this period, you should look for ways out of the situation. The use of high-quality anti-depressants will help a woman to once again enjoy sex and life in general.

Operating principle

The mechanism of action of tablets is quite complicated. Flibanserin (Fliban) has a complex composition (sex steroids, neurotransmitters and hormones). The ingredients work in conjunction.

The result – the development of serotonin in the body, improved mood, increased libido, the ability to get a quality orgasm. Women begin to feel a desire, vaginal lubrication is released in sufficient quantities, pain is eliminated during coitus, etc. Intimate relationships move to a new level.

Attention! Doctors sexopathologists say that Flibanserin helps get rid of internal “clips” that do not allow to relax and enjoy intimate relationships.

Features of action:

The effect occurs approximately 50-60 minutes after taking the pill. Duration of action – about 6-8 hours.

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