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Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol)
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Oxymeprime is Oxymetholone, a potent hormone-based anabolic drug of steroid origin that has moderate androgenic activity. The active ingredient is oxymetholone 50 mg, which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Originally created for medical purposes for the treatment of anemia, underweight, etc. In bodybuilding is used exclusively by professional athletes to gain muscle mass in a short time. The release form – tablets on 50 mg. Buy Oxymeprime Eminence Labs in the United States at the most attractive price you can right now in our store.

Pharmacological action and features of the drug

Oxymeprime interacts with cell receptors more closely than free testosterone, so its androgenic activity is much higher, which makes the drug one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. In other words, the anabolic activity of testosterone is 100%, and the anabolic activity of dihydrotestosterone is 3-3.5 times higher than testosterone. Like dihydrotestosterone, oxymetholone has a huge impact on the work of the sex glands and the enhanced conversion of protein fibers into muscle tissue, thereby accelerating muscle hypertrophy.

Many anabolic drugs tend to turn part of testosterone into the female sex hormones, estradiol and progesterone; This process is called aromatization. The consequences of such transformations can be the development of secondary sexual characteristics of the female type, most often – an increase in the mammary glands (gynecomastia), which in a state of neglect can be cured only by surgery. Oxymeprime does not have the function of converting testosterone into female hormones, but increases the level of progestins, which are derived from progestogen, so the drug has similar effects – it retains fluid in the body, which negatively affects the quality of muscles. As a result, about 30% of the gained muscle mass is water, which will leave after the end of the course. Therefore, we can not say that the drug contributes to a set of lean muscle mass. For this reason, the drug is not advisable to use on drying, because the tool does not contribute to drawing the contour of the muscles.

The main properties of Oxymeprime

Since the tool was originally created for the purpose of treating certain diseases, including anemia, its use significantly increases the level of hemoglobin. Such an effect will be useful during pumping, when blood vessels in the muscle tissue increase in quantity and expand. As a result, there is a large swelling of the muscles, because they receive more blood, which also has a positive effect on their accelerated growth.

The drug has a positive effect on the emotional state and the central nervous system, gives strength, increases efficiency and endurance, as well as improves mobility. In addition, due to fluid retention in the body and stimulation of prolactin synthesis, the tool prevents damage to the joints and sprains. Oxymeprime has a weak anti-inflammatory effect.

Oxymeprime inhibits the action of globulin, which neutralizes the excess hormones in the body. Therefore, most often the drug is used in combination with other hormonal agents that increase the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, for greater efficiency. For 6 weeks of this course, you can gain up to 15 kg of musculature.

Some bodybuilders claim that the drug helps burn fat, especially in the abdomen, making the muscles more prominent. Studies have not confirmed this fact.

The drug is quite toxic to the liver, so it is strictly forbidden to take the drug in dosages exceeding the daily rate. It is also not recommended to take Oxymeprime to beginners, whose body is not used to such powerful steroids. The drug is absolutely not suitable for women.

The drug begins to act immediately. An increase in muscle volume can be felt after 2 days.

The half-life is 14-16 hours.

Competition athletes need to know that it is possible to detect the drug on doping control for another 8-10 weeks, and according to some sources, within 12 weeks after the end of the anabolic drug administration.

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