Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Weight Loss
Substance: Liothyronine (T3)
Package: 25mcg (100 pills)



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  • surpasses in efficiency of the fat-burning effect a set of other pharmacological and other fat burners
  • significantly accelerates the metabolic processes, thereby contributing to the accelerated loss of fat deposits
  • increases heat production (body temperature), which also stimulates lipolysis
  • stimulates the activity of the central nervous system, which leads to an increase in endurance and strength
  • significantly suppresses appetite
  • reduces the body’s need for sleep
  • can be used by girls
  • not an anabolic steroid

Liothyronine T3 Dragon Pharma: application features

To obtain the best effect from the use of T3 25 mcg Dragon Pharma, it is important to determine the individual working dosage, taking into account the characteristics of the organism. Too high dosages will have a bad effect on the overall work of the thyroid and there is a risk of a significant reduction in the overall weight. At the same time, if the dosage is chosen correctly, the adipose tissue will “leave” very rapidly. Usually the drug is used thirty minutes before meals. The average daily dosage is within 50 mcg. Before you begin, it is advisable to know exactly about the current state of health of the thyroid gland and its possible diseases. Often, the start starts from 12.5 micrograms per day, after which the dosage is increased to 25 micrograms and according to this principle is brought to you personally. Sharp jumps in the dosing of the drug are not allowed, and the termination of his admission should also occur in a “smooth” mode, with a gradual decrease in dosages. The course lasts 4-6 weeks. It should be noted that this pharmacological fat burner works very effectively in conjunction with growth hormone. To get the most out of it, you need a good nutritional plan, a regime of rest and training.

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