Magnum Clen-40


Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Category: Weight Loss
Substance: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride (Clen)
Package: 40mcg (100 pills)



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Magnum Clen-40 in bodybuilding

Magnum Clen-40 mg is unique because it allows to combine two such important, but such different processes. On the one hand, the drug activates the process of lipolysis and causes the body to actively break down the accumulated fats and not store new ones. On the other hand, clenbuterol prevents the destruction of muscle tissue, which is usually consumed much faster fat. These two effects allow the use of the drug in bodybuilding, providing a comprehensive effect.

Of course, it should be combined with the intake of amino acids or proteins, as well as a strict protein diet or a drying diet. Only an integrated approach allows you to rid the body of unnecessary work and accelerate the desired results.

The effects of Magnum Clen-40mg are quite

attractive to any athlete who wants to defeat the hated fat, and more likely to show those around him their muscular muscles. If you check all of them, we get the following list:

  • Fat burning and muscle drying (for the sake of what everyone usually starts receiving);
  • decreased appetite (pleasant side effect);
  • temperature rise;
  • anti-catabolic action;
  • mental activation;
  • anabolic effect (weakly expressed).

This set of effects allows you to call clenbuterol one of the best fat burners, which have a multifaceted effect on the body.

Magnum Clen-40: side effects

It is worth noting that with proper use – that is, in combination with diet and in the right dosages – this tool has almost no side effects.

  • Shivering – expressed on the first day of admission, but does not bother (or eliminated by ketotifen).
  • Increased sweating (infrequently).
  • Anxiety increased – occurs only in 6% of people and is eliminated by ketotifen. Insomnia is rarely eliminated with ketotifen.
  • Arrhythmia is rare, and is eliminated by the additional intake of beta-1-blocker.
  • Increased blood pressure – worried about 6 out of 100 people, and is eliminated by beta-1-blockers.
  • Diarrhea is possible only in the first days of admission.
  • Nausea occurs very rarely and, as a rule, passes itself.
  • Seizures (occur only with excessive admission – or the beginning of admission).
  • Most of the side effects either go away on their own or can be eliminated by taking other types of sports nutrition. In combination, this approach gives an almost complete absence of side effects, which is extremely rare for fat burners.

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