Manufacturer: John Lee
Category: Skin
Substance: Acyclovir (Zovirax)
Package: 200mg (30 pills)



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It is an antiviral agent for topical use. Ekovir is highly active against Herpes sіmplex (herpes simplex) viruses of the first or second types. The active substance (acyclovir), penetrating into cells infected with the herpes virus, is phosphorylated by conversion into the active compound, acyclovir triphosphate.

Dosage and administration

Tablets Ekovir 200 Herds are taken orally (swallowed) after meals with water.

For infections caused by the herpes simplex virus, 200 mg is prescribed x5 times / day with an interval of 4 hours (with a night break). The standard duration of treatment is 5 days.

To prevent recurrent (recurring) infections of the genitals – 200 mg x4 times / day every 6 hours. The duration of treatment is not more than 6-12 months. In severe immunosuppression, 200 mg x 4 times / day (every 6 hours).

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