Azab 250


Manufacturer: Parth
Category: Skin
Substance: Azithromycin
Package: 250mg (6 pills)



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Azab 250 belongs to antibiotics, which is used for the treatment of a rather large number of diseases. The drug is used in children and adults. Many patients take azithromycin and its preparations without a prescription, which is completely unjustified. It is very important to know the full information about this drug in order to prevent mistakes when taking it. What is azithromycin? What is the trade name of azithromycin? What properties of azithromycin is its effect based on? What are the indications for azithromycin? Are there any contraindications for the use of azithromycin? Is azithromycin allowed during pregnancy and during breastfeeding? How to take azithromycin? What doses of azithromycin are used in the treatment of diseases? What is the most popular azithromycin use? Are there analogues to azithromycin? What side effects of azithromycin are most common? How dangerous is azithromycin overdose? What is the effect of azithromycin on the ability to drive vehicles and other mechanisms? What is the interaction of azithromycin with other drugs? Who is the manufacturer of azithromycin?

Azab 250 Description

Azab 250 is one of the representatives of macrolide and azalide antibiotics. It is widely used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases that are caused by bacteria that are sensitive to it. However, recently there has been a tendency to self-treatment with antibiotics among the population, including azithromycin. This leads to the formation of drug resistance of bacteria, which gradually reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics of all groups.

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