Manufacturer: RPG
Category: PCT
Substance: Aldactone (Spironolactone)
Package: 25mg (30 pills)



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Pharmacological action of Aldactone:

Aldactone is a drug from the group of potassium and magnesium-saving diuretics. Being a competitive antagonist of aldosterone on the effect on the distal nephron, the drug increases the excretion of sodium, chlorine and water and reduces the excretion of potassium and urea, reduces the titrated acidity of urine. Increased diuresis with the use of Spironolactone causes a non-permanent hypotensive effect, which does not depend on the level of renin in the blood plasma and does not manifest itself at normal arterial pressure. The diuretic effect of the drug appears on the 2-5 day of treatment. Spironolactone belongs to the group of diuretic drugs.

Special instructions for Aldactone:

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