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Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)
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What is oral stanozolol?

Stanoprime is a highly effective steroid with a high anabolic index and moderately low androgenic activity; The molecular structure of the active substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone.

Genetic engineers added another benzene ring to the stanozolol molecule. That is why the steroid shows a brighter and more active anabolic position compared with dihydrotestosterone and other drugs.

Anabolic Stanoprime Profile

The unique structure of the active ingredient stanozolol has a high bioavailability, which allows you to keep a stable position of the molecules and not to destroy the integrity of the formula during the passage of the liver drug. This is possible thanks to a special group in the 17-alpha position.

The oral form of stanozolol is recognized as one of the safest for harmless use by the beautiful half of humanity (due to the insignificant activity of androgen receptors).

Unlike many other anabolic drugs, the active ingredient Stanoprime has an incredibly high anabolic activity, which is 350% of the initial testosterone ratio.

The level of androgen index does not exceed 30% of testosterone, which allows you to effectively use all the benefits of androgens and minimize the negative effect on the suppression of the pituitary-hypothalamic-testes axis and other side effects that occur while taking testosterone heavy esters.

Stanozolol is not amenable to aromatization with subsequent conversion of testosterone to estrogen. When using a steroid, aromatase enzymes are blocked, which allows to exclude the negative aspects of the powerful female hormone estradiol on the male body.

In the course of scientific research, there was revealed a slight toxicity for the liver and other internal organs only against the background of a long anabolic course and excessive excess of the recommended dosage. If you use the traditional scheme of using oral steroids and regularly undergo post-course therapy, you can forget about the negative effects of steroids and enjoy the incredible development of muscles.

The half-life and duration of oral stanozolol do not exceed eight hours, the peak concentration of the active substance in the blood plasma is three hours of activity. Such a short half-life primarily reflects the individuality of the pharmacokinetics of stanozolol.

When the crystals of the working substance enter the blood plasma and dissolve, the level of stanozolol increases incredibly, however, after a mighty activity, the decay phase begins. Therefore, the intake of the oral form of stanozolol requires regularity in order to maintain the level of the active substance and maximize the effect on the muscle receptors of the muscles.

All described anabolic profile of stanozolol is confirmed by independent tests of the Winthrop Laboratories research center and positive reviews of professional athletes who have a long history of taking oral stanozolol.

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The positive effects of oral Stanoprime:

Firstly, stanozolol is a favorite drug of bodybuilders and athletes, seeking to improve their muscles through a net increase in muscle mass and achieving maximum relief. The hypertrophy of muscle fibers occurs due to the high anabolic activity that promotes the launch of protein synthesis and growth mechanism.

Additionally, there is an activation of the establishment of a positive energy balance due to the increased reducing ability to quickly accumulate glycogen and ATP molecules directly in muscle tissues.

Secondly, 90% of athletes form anabolic courses based on stanozolol in order to achieve maximum muscle dryness and make every muscle group extremely prominent. When using proper training and following tough dietary activities, you turn on the fat burning abilities of stanozolol. This steroid prevents and removes excess water from the body of the athlete and reduces the percentage of fatty tissue to 6% level.

Thirdly, weightlifters, powerlifters and track and field athletes deeply appreciate the oral form of stanozolol for its excellent efficiency to increase strength, endurance and speed without changing the initial weight category of the athlete. This allows you to increase efficiency and initial performance with the help of properly debugged neuromuscular conduction and the brain-muscle connection.

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