Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)
Package: 10mg (50 pills)

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Metaprime is currently the most famous and sought-after anabolic steroid. With confidence, we can say that in USA, this anabolic is simply in great demand, compared to sales of other speakers. It is more difficult to buy Metaprime every year in USA, if a couple of years ago it could be sold even at a meeting with hands, then today it’s very difficult to find an online store selling such things as cash on delivery. Already in the near future, consumers will not be in a simple situation, because it is obvious that it will be very difficult to buy steroids further.

Metaprime has entered the steroid market a long time ago, but its popularity is very high today. The drug is closely associated with the famous Soviet anabolic Methandrostenolone, because the active ingredient methandienone is present in the composition of these two steroids. On the similarity of these at first glance, two identical drugs, we’ll talk a little later.

Delving into the story, you can appreciate all the positive aspects of this steroid. The drug came to a large bodybuilding exclusively from medicine, it is not necessary to assume that all speakers are used only to increase muscle mass and strength. Initially, it was used to treat severe patients after severe burns, and it helped speed up the regeneration and repair of damaged muscle tissue. Also, this steroid was tried to be practiced in pediatric medicine, prescribing small doses of children suffering from delayed physical development of the skeleton and muscle mass (rickets). There are cases when Methandrostenolone was prescribed by local therapists to many patients to improve the general condition of the body and increase the ability to work.

But, no matter how much they write about the many negative points from taking Danabol, this does not affect the trend in the number of sales. The drug is clearly doing well with its task, an increase in muscle mass in a short time and for many, it is very important. The main effects of taking Metaprime are:

  • Rapid and effective increase in total body weight.
  • The drug copes with the increase in protein synthesis, which in turn helps the muscles to quickly resume and heal microtrauma.
  • A noticeable increase in appetite, this suggests that the body is able to absorb more nutrients and send at the destination.
  • Calcium retention, which well strengthens the inert system and ligaments.
  • Excellent properties of the course of Metaprime will help to cope with pain in the joints.
  • A surge of strength and endurance throughout the course of reception.
  • Anti-catabolic effect that protects the overall muscles from permanent destruction.

Metaprime course for a beginner

The active substance is methandienone, can be considered the first anabolic steroid. As a rule, more developed countries do not use this drug globally. If you take the United States, then it becomes clearly clear that any American cares more about his health and chooses much better drugs. Suppose they are not as effective, but a huge mass of side effects is completely absent. Unfortunately, our countries still live on well-established stereotypes, when there was nothing more than Methane and Retabolil.

Almost every newbie tries to choose a safe steroid for himself, for his first course. In such cases, choosing a safe drug without certain knowledge is very difficult. Try to pay attention to Turinabol – oral steroid is very similar to Danabol. But, it does not provoke fluid retention and many side effects. Definitely, it can be argued that this steroid will suit any newcomer and show good results for the monthly course.

The course Metaprime for a beginner is built on one pack of 100 tablets. If you stick to the recommended dosages, then the negative consequences will not disturb you. This amount of the drug is enough for a course of 4 to 5 weeks and it’s really possible to gain 4-6 kg on it, but it happens more. Tablets can be absorbed under the tongue, it is believed that the effect of this technique is not much better. The course any beginner begins smoothly with 1 tab. and gradually increases it to 4 tab., then goes back to decline. This is a standard ladder, or hill, which is considered the most effective and safe.

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