Magnum Stanol 10


Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)
Package: 10mg (100 pills)



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Magnum Stanol 10 is one of the very popular anabolic steroids. His popularity does not extend to bodybuilding. And on athletics. Many of those who follow track and field events remember the incident with Ben Jones, who, after a doping test for stanozolon, lost the world record for the title of Olympic champion in the 100 meters race. first places on the Arnold Classic-91 lost Sean Ray and Nimrod King. Stanol 10 has several unique differences from other steroids. Its composition is not four, like all other anabolic steroids, but five benzene rings. Also, Magnum Stanol 10 is a progesterone antagonist, which makes it very useful in the task of suppressing the progestogenic activity of other drugs, such as oxymetholone, or nandrlon. But this stanozolol property has a downside weak anabolic effect.

Stanol 10 how to take

Stanol 10 course is relatively safe. A dosage of 30-50 mg per day is optimal. Stanol 10 mg is used as a set of muscle mass (most often in combination courses), and during drying. On average, with a 6-8 week course at a dosage of 30 mg / day, a novice chemist can gain 1-3 kg of high-quality meat, at the same time dry, burn fat.

During the course on the mass (for example, with testosterone), stanaza reduces the amount of water that is retained in the body. As a result, you get a more or less high-quality mass. In turn, testosterone, which nevertheless floods you a little, lubricates the joints and ligaments with water, not allowing stanaze to dry them.

Stanol 10 mg is wonderfully combined with testosterone propionate. This course is hard to call a course on the ground, however, it is not a course for drying. This combination, along with proper nutrition and regime will allow you to pick up to 3-5 kilograms of good quality meat, and at the same time shed off excess fatty tissue. It is also combined with drugs that have progestogenic activity (for example: nandrolone), as it protects from progestogenic action.

During drying, stanaza is often combined with turinabol, as well as with other steroids that do not aromatize. This combination allows you to get rid of extra pounds with minimal harm, as well as gain a little muscle mass, visually increase the size of the muscle, add rigidity and relief.

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