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Substance: Prohormone
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Dimethazine is something new in the prohormone world, dimethazine with a sublingual delivery system. You get 40% percent more results than when you take regular encapsulated dimethazine. A special feature of this brand is a special issue of prohormones, which need to be taken by absorbing under the tongue, thereby increasing the efficiency very much, since they do not need to be processed by the liver and stomach. The active substance instantly enters the bloodstream and begins to work.

The main active ingredient Dimethazine:

Dimethazine – one of the most powerful anabolic steroids presented in our online store, significantly increases muscle growth, allows you to gain dry muscle in a fairly short time. It is important to note that taking dimetzin you do not experience the delay of excess fluid, and an increase in subcutaneous fat. Perfect for athletes who have decided to go through the drying period, will save all the muscles gained, help to make better relief and retain strength indicators. It also helps in getting rid of fat, for a month of intake, you can remove about 5%, provided that you comply with the necessary nutrition and exercise. Good anti-catabolic, protects your muscles.

Ingredients per serving:

Dimethazine – 25 mg

How to take Dimethazine:

We recommend taking this prohormon twice a day, usually in the morning on an empty stomach you need to dissolve the pill, and also before dinner. The course of treatment lasts 1 month, then you can take a break or try another prohormone.

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