Pharma Test Oil Base 100


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Testosterone Base
Package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Pharma test 100 (oil base), is a strong androgenic-anabolic steroid, the main active ingredient of which is testosterone. The drug is presented in the form of an oily solution, in which the active substance is dissolved. It greatly affects the human body and helps to increase a number of indicators. Testosterone, which is presented without the addition of esters, is rapidly absorbed into the blood plasma and becomes active immediately after the injection. The effect can be observed the next day. The substance is active for 24 hours, so frequent injections are necessary, which can confuse beginners. For experienced athletes, this procedure is not difficult. Pharma test 100 (oil base), very much appreciated in different directions of sports. With it, you can increase strength and gain muscle mass.

How to take Pharma Test Oil Base 100?

This anabolic and androgen very quickly gets into the blood and is also rapidly excreted from the body. Therefore, athletes regularly receive it in preparation for the competition in order to achieve optimal physical fitness as soon as possible.

If we talk about how the course Pharma Test 100 Oil Base, then first of all we note that the dosage recommended for use is about 50-100 mg per day. Such a high frequency of the reception of a short period of activity of “pure testosterone” is explained. It is also important to say that steroid injections are painful, so the drug Nimesulide (this is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) may be useful to you on the course.

It is important that the concentration of the active substance in the vial for injection is convenient – 100 mg per 1 ml. This means that for the introduction of the recommended dose of a substance in 50-100 mg you need exactly 0.5-1 ml of the drug. Thus, one barrel of 10 milliliters should be enough for at least 10 days (1 ml per day) of the course.

The use of Pharma Test Oil Base 100 can take place not only in solo, but also in combination with other steroids. This is done in order to increase the effectiveness of the course – a more significant increase in muscle mass and increase in strength. The drug can be combined with methandienone injections, it is also well combined with oxymetalone, boldenone and with many other anabolic and androgens relevant to sports.

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