Pharma Test C250


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

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Reviews Pharma Test C250 produced by PharmaCom Labs, as a rule, are described positively as an exclusively working steroid. On our site, this is the original drug, and the results in gaining muscle mass, increasing strength and endurance are achievable in accordance with expectations.

Pharma Test C250 For Athlete

The active ingredient of the drug is testosterone cypionate, a steroid of strong anabolic and androgenic action (indicators of anabolic and androgenic activities are 100% of testosterone). Along with propionate and enanthate, it is one of the three most popular testosterone esters. It has a high duration of action – up to 15-16 days after injection.

Pharma Test C250 is a sports drug recommended for men only. Its androgenic effect is considered to be too powerful for women in sports, and avoiding the side effects of virilization (from increasing aggression to body hair) is difficult even with reduced dosage.

The main effect of Pharma Test C250 is a rapid increase in muscle mass. Athletes also highly appreciate the actions of increasing their power potential, increasing their working capacity and endurance, strengthening bones, ligaments and joints, reducing joint pain, increasing appetite and libido.

In connection with the specificity of the action, the drug is used mainly in the course of a set of muscle mass, in solo or in combination with other steroids.

Pharma Test C250 side effects are rare, if recommendations regarding dosage, frequency and duration of use are followed. Possible on the course include side effects of estrogenic and androgenic nature: increased pressure, fluid retention, lipomastia / gynecomastia, impaired libido after the course, testicular atrophy, greasy skin, acne acne, increased aggression, baldness and some others.

Upon completion of the course of application, it is necessary to conduct PCT (post course therapy). Tamoxifen (Tamoximed or analog) is taken more often or clomiphene citrate (Clomid or analog) is used. During the course, due to the aromatization of the active substance and a decrease in the production of your own testosterone, you may need to take strong antiestrogens as an anastrozole aromatase inhibitor, and drugs that increase the level of testosterone, like mesterolone or even chorionic gonadotropin.

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