Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Nandrolone decanoate (Deca)
Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)


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Nandrobolin belongs to anabolic agents. It was developed on the basis of a component with the same name and belongs to widespread and more powerful forms of testosterone. You can buy the course nandrolone decanoate on our website.

Anabolism from testosterone increases one and a half times during the course of nandrolone decanoate, and the androgenic effect is reduced and equal to one third of the original. Due to this, Nandrolone Deconate is a powerful anabolic agent, and its harmful effects are significantly reduced.

Nandrobolin Effect

The use of Nandrolone Deconate gives a large increase in muscle mass. From the effect of nandrolone decanoate for a month, the athlete gains from 4 to 10 kg. The drug strengthens the immune system, strengthens bone tissue, affects the reduction of joint pain, improves oxygen transport. Results may vary depending on the level of physical activity, the applied volume and the sensitivity of the athlete to the drug.

Nandrobolin Side effects

When you receive the recommended dose, the side effects of nandrolone decanoate is actually not observed. An increase in the number of doses taken threatens the development of gynecomastia and the accumulation of water in the body.

A side effect of nandrolone deconate leads to suppression of the production of your own testosterone. To restore this function, PCT should be performed and not exceed the course for more than 10 weeks.

Such benefits of this drug will appeal to any athlete. However, a serious disadvantage of it is a sufficiently long time to delay it in the body. The full cleaning cycle is 1.5-2 years. Nandrolone decanoate has an average cost, so everyone can afford it.

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