Manufacturer: Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, India
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Testosterone suspension
Package: 12 ampoules (25mg/ml)


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Active Chemical:
testosterone suspension
Trade names:
Aquaviron, amp, USA, Europe

Aquaviron is an injectable aqueous preparation containing testosterone as an active ingredient. Among atelts, testosterone suspension has a reputation for being an extremely powerful drug, many people call the aqueous solution of dough the strongest weight gain agent. A very high-speed suspension of testosterone raises the level of dough in the blood by only 2-3 days. Athletes usually use the drug at a dosage of 50-100 mg per day. Frequent injections make up some of the inconvenience, which is compensated in some way by using insulin syringes, the needle of which is thinner than conventional ones. This makes it possible for those using the drug to make regular injections into small muscle groups, such as the biceps and triceps.

Although testosterone suspension is very effective in increasing muscle mass, side effects are also very high. Testosterone in this composition is converted to estrogen very quickly, and has the reputation of the most “bad” testosterone. It is also very possible the rapid emergence of gynecomastia when using the drug. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the kidneys and blood pressure to avoid possible side effects. The usual form of release – ampoules with a concentration of 25 mg / ml with a volume of 1 ml.

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