Manufacturer: Fortune
Category: Hair Loss
Substance: Finasteride (Propecia)
Package: 1mg (50 pills)



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Finasteride (Proscalpin): reviews, instructions, reception, buy in pharmacies

Baldness that occurs for a variety of reasons is called Proscalpin. And the reverse term, which can be translated as “the disappearance of baldness” – is a prophetic. That is exactly what the remedy is called “Proscalpin”, and the chemical name of the substance according to INN is finasteride. In the event that you have already made your choice, and the doctor prescribed you exactly finasteride, then immediately proceed to the last section of the article – it will tell you where you can get high-quality baldness pills at an affordable price, and with delivery.

In the same case, if you need information about what finasteride is, how it works, what are the indications for its use, dosing regimen and possible side effects, then this article will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with this drug, the use of which has caused so many and benevolent reviews from patients.

How to apply

Proscalpin tablets taken in a dosage of 1 mg per day. Some reduce the dosage (to 0.2-0.5 mg) to reduce the likelihood of side effects, while achieving similar efficacy.

The lotion is applied to the scalp twice a day, morning and evening in the amount of 1 ml (approximately 6 presses on the spray head).

Proscalpin Side effects

According to Merck’s research, side effects on internal administration of finasteride, such as decreased libido, difficulty in ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and pain in the testicles, occurred in less than 2% of patients (the majority of men have side effects after a week of discontinuation of the drug and 100% after more extended cancellation period).

In the case of topical application of finasteride on the scalp, similar effects may be present due to partial ingestion of the drug into the general circulation, but the probability of their occurrence is much less.

In the event of side effects, you should cancel the drug or consult a doctor. In general, finasteride is an officially approved treatment for baldness and is used by millions of men around the world.

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