Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Anti Estrogens
Substance: Letrozole
Package: 2.5mg (50 pills)



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Efficiency of application

When using adrogens and anabolic steroids, there may be some side effects that are eliminated if you add this drug to the course.

When taking letrozole observed such positive effects as:

  • taking Letromina from Alpha Pharma eliminates the symptoms of gynecomastia on the initial course;
  • prevents the appearance of acne, bloating and fat deposits;
  • responsible for maintaining muscle mass after a catabolic breakdown, which can occur after steroid use. Often, it goes an additional component to the main course, especially if it contains steroid drugs.

A feature of Letromina, in contrast to other means is the almost no side effects. Sometimes it can cause headache, hair loss, nausea, pain in the joints – but this is due to an overdose or individual intolerance to the active substance or auxiliary components. If you follow the admission instructions, unpleasant consequences can be avoided.

Side effects

Possible side effects: headache, pain in the joints, fever, weakness, nausea, increased pressure, dizziness, hair loss.

It should be said that such side effects can only cause higher doses of the drug. If you follow the recommendations of the application, you can avoid such reactions.


There are no particular contraindications, but it is recommended to take Letromina under the supervision of specialists to those athletes who have intolerance to some components of the drug or liver problems. If there are any bad feelings during the reception, it is best to replace this drug with another, more suitable.

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