Exos 25


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Category: Anti Estrogens
Substance: Exemestane (Aromasin)
Package: 25mg (50 pills)

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Еxos 25 from Pharmacom are invited to order in the online store that supplies sports pharmacology products. The drug belongs to the third generation aromatase inhibitors. The active substance is Exemestane, which differs from other means of similar purpose, as it belongs to the group of anabolic androgenic steroids. Interacting with aromatase, the drug causes a selective effect of irreversible nature in relation to the action of the enzyme, which leads to a reduction in estrogen production, which can reach 97%. This selective effect affects both estradiol, and estrone, and estriol.

Athletes using anabolic androgenic steroids are attracted by Exemestane’s ability from Pharmacom, which can be bought from an online store specializing in sports pharmacology, to reduce estradiol production. Taking the drug helps to avoid the occurrence of side effects of an estrogenic nature. Moreover, it is characterized by a certain androgenic activity and is not inherent in the manifestation of progestogenic activity, as well as estrogenic.

What is the positive effect of taking this aromatase inhibitor?

Exemestane from Рharmacom is recommended to buy in order to include in the scheme a course of anabolic androgenic steroids. Application allows you to prevent and block the development of unwanted side effects triggered by increased estrogenic activity. The use of the drug allows you to:

  • dramatically reduce the level of estrogen concentration;
  • to increase the production of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, raising testosterone levels. This ability of Exemestane is very important, because on the courses of anabolic androgenic steroids there is a drop in the secretion of endogenous testosterone. The effectiveness of use for this purpose is quite high, second only to special testosterone boosters.

Thus, the use of Exemestane anabolic androgenic steroids on the course related to third-generation aromatase inhibitors allows us to simultaneously solve the problem of combating side effects:

  • estrogenic nature (fluid retention, gynecomastia);
  • progestogenic nature (decreased libido and potency, gynecomastia, hypertension).

In addition, the use of an aromatase inhibitor has a positive effect on:

  • level of anabolic hormone;
  • restoration of the normal state of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles axis;
  • relief of muscle cover, which becomes harder and harder.

How is it recommended to use Exemestane on anabolic androgenic steroids courses?
Aromatase inhibitor administration is indicated solely on courses of anabolic androgenic steroids, which are prone to aromatization, i.e., methandrostenolone, methyltestosterone and testosterone esters.

There are various approaches to the use of the drug:

  • preventive;
  • based on subjective sensations;
  • when signs of side effects appear.

The most rational seems to be a preventive approach, supported by the implementation of control tests with subsequent adjustment of the dosage. With this approach, take Exemestane, putting 12.5 mg a day after a meal, begin:

  • on the tenth day, if you take a course of anabolic androgenic steroids with a short period of action (methandrostenolone, testosterone propionate);
  • after three or four weeks – on courses with long esters (cypionate or testosterone enanthate, sustane 250).

Athletes who prefer to take Exemestane, focusing on the subjective sensations or the appearance of the first signs of gynecomastia, such as swelling, thickening, redness, itching in the nipple area, put 25 mg of the drug daily.

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