Cabgolin 0.25


Manufacturer: Sun Pharma
Category: Anti Estrogens
Substance: Cabergoline (Cabaser)
Package: 0.25mg (4 pills)



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Cabgolin 0.25 (Cabergoline) is a substance that inhibits prolactin production. The drug took a leading position among sports drugs. The purpose of the application – maintaining health, eliminating the effects of steroids using bodybuilders.

Prolactin, the nature of the effects on the body Hormone rises from the use of pharmaceuticals. Its high concentration carries many unpleasant symptoms. This is a protein substance, a polypeptide. Form, structure resembles somatotropin (growth hormone), includes almost 200 amino acids.

It has a negative impact on some functions and systems:

  • reduces the level of sexual desire
  • impairs potency
  • causes extra water retention
  • increases the risk of gynecomastia

The tool suppresses negative secretion, reduces pressure, increases potency, reduces the amount of recovery time between sexual intercourse, and strong physical exertion. Most of all, the hormone changes the functioning of the mammary gland (it contributes to the production of milk in pregnant women), it is produced by the kidneys and liver.

Scientists do not know the full range of effects of a substance. An excessive amount of male athletes provokes a lot of negative consequences. The very condition of a person can change the level of the hormone: dopamine is produced in a happy person (suppresses secretion), estrogen – depressive (stimulates it).


It cannot be used by pregnant women, during lactation, psychosis, impaired respiratory functions, fibrosis, liver problems, hypertension, cardiac abnormalities, preeclampsia, hypersensitivity to the drug. Professionals recommend taking medication prescribed by a doctor. Before use it is necessary to exclude contraindications, to avoid side effects. Low-dose athletes rarely observe complications. More often bodybuilders talk about the problem of depressed mood, loss of appetite.

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